Wednesday, February 3, 2016

CHA Make and Takes

One of the most awesome perks of attending CHA is the make and takes. What are make and takes you ask? Well, companies offer little projects for you to create and you get to keep them :)  At CHA, the make and takes are AWESOME!!! I got to do several make and takes and this beautiful watercolor art piece was one of them.

This was made in the Ken Oliver booth with Color Burst, which is a powder that when you add water, it creates this beautiful watercolor effect. This was made with a stencil, 3 Color Burst colors and a water spray bottle. That's it!! 

Isn't it gorgeous?? It has a shimmer to it as well. I am so in love with this product!! 
Other make and takes I did were earrings, 3 different kinds of necklaces, a tag and a little note book. 

Going to CHA gave me such inspiration and makes me want to get more organized. I'm planning on moving some things around in the Art House and to get rid of stuff that I haven't used in years. I really want to take a trip to IKEA to create some better organization. I also made some contacts for products to offer on the Pickled Tink website. So stay tuned to see some changes in the Art House and new things happening! Until next time...
Hugs and Happy Craftin'!!

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