Friday, October 3, 2014

My Vacation was Phenomenal!

I'm back from my vacation trip to Florida and cruise to Cozumel and boy what a trip that was!! I loved every moment of it! We had such an awesome adventure :) My best friend Kristie and I started our journey traveling to Tarpon Springs, Florida and spending a couple of days with sweet Jules and her husband Gene. They are such great hosts and spoiled us rotten! Jules took us on a tour of Tarpon Springs and we visited the sponge docks and also went shopping downtown. Here are some pictures from around Tarpon Springs.

View from deck dining at Rusty Bellie's restaurant

Sunset view from Rusty Bellie's restaurant

Sweet Jules

Kristie, Jules and I eating lunch at Dimitri's on the Water.
Yamas!! (means cheers).  Yummy Mojitos :)

Kristie and I at the Sponge Docks

Mermaid statue in Tarpon Springs, Florida

close-up of Mermaid. She is beautiful in person,
pictures don't do her justice.
I loved Tarpon Springs and can't wait to go back again!! Thanks again to Jules and her husband for being such awesome hosts!
Tomorrow, I will share some more pictures from our adventure. Until then...
Hugs and Happy Craftin'!!

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