Thursday, October 9, 2014

Blurred Vision of the Seas

Haha! The name of the ship we sailed on is "Vision of the Seas" and when we first got to the port, there was a group of people with t-shirts that read "Blurred Vision of the Seas"! It made us all chuckle, but then quickly realized they were serious about it because the majority of them got totally sloshed before dinner that evening! LOL
I won't bore you to death with every single picture I took because, well, there are a lot! I'll just share the cool highlights from our time in Cozumel :) So, here goes!

This is our ship, Vision of the Seas when we were docked
in Cozumel
me and my sweet traveling buddies!!! love them all!!!

beach in Cozumel at Punta Morena bar in Cozumel

me and my best friend Kristie

I had to take a picture of my toes in the sand!

beach at one of the bars we stopped at in Cozumel

awesome view from on of the bars in Cozumel.
love the colors of the water and sky!

small church next to Rasta's bar. pretty cool, huh?

ceiling inside the small church

cross window inside the small church. 

ocean view from one of the arched windows
inside the church

view of the ship from Senior Frog's bar near
the dock in Cozumel
I took tons more pictures and will share some from around the ship in the next post. I also took a bunch of pictures of the food I ate on our trip. I'm not sure why I felt the need to photograph the food, but I did, lol.
That's all for tonight. Until next time....
Hugs and Happy Craftin'!!

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