Sunday, March 2, 2014

Some Exciting News!!

Just wanted to pop on here for a minute to fill y'all in on some awesome and very exciting news!! I have been asked to join the design team for Scrap n' Art Online Magazine!  I am still blown away by this!! Can't wait to get started on my first assignments, but nervous at the same time!! It is a little overwhelming to know that my creations will be seen by so many people, but as an artist, it feels so great to have my work acknowledged. Big grins over here!!
Yesterday I went to a scrapbook event called "Scrappin' With the Law" and I had a blast! The event is held to raise money for a program to help young teens train for law enforcement with our county sheriff department. It is an awesome program! We got to put on inmate uniforms (don't worry, they were new, lol) and have a photo opp with some of the kids in the program. Some of the ladies posed like they were being arrested and they had the mugshot card for us to hold up. Most of us were laughing so hard, it was hard to make a serious face for the "mugshot". Here I am. I look sad, but I was actually holding back a big laugh, lol

I was having not such a great hair day either, lol.
That's all from me for now! I have a few projects to share soon, though :) Until next time...
Hugs and Happy Craftin'!!

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