Monday, January 13, 2014

I have a big problem!

Some would say it's not that bad of a problem, but most people just shake their heads when they see my paper addiction. Yes. I have a big paper addiction. I know that I don't have near as much as some people, but my problem is where to store it all. My biggest problem is that I buy paper packs and they are bulky and take up some real estate in the Art House. See what I mean...

This is four cubes FULL of paper and paper packs! Then the ones on the bottom have paper scraps in them that I have had forever. I know I should purge some of it, but in the back of my mind, I may one day NEED it!!
This is a wire paper stacker that I thought would be a great solution for paper packs. It's not, unless I could find maybe 10 more!! lol
This is my Stampin' Up! card stock and it's pretty well manageable. In fact, I really only use the Whisper White, Very Vanilla and the occasional color so it's all good. 
Dan got two file cabinets that were going to be thrown away at work and he gave me one to maybe use for my paper. But it's holding other "junk" that I don't really want out. Paper is one of those things that I need to be out so I can see it. Yeah, don't ask me why.
Well, last year I made up my mind that I would try and use what I have on hand before buying much more. Notice I said MUCH more. HAHAHA, who was I kidding?!! Tuesday Morning is one of my most favorite stores and I just happened to go there on my lunch hour last Thursday. They always have something different and the one I go to has a nice craft section. Well, low and behold, Thursday I hit the mother load for scrapbook paper!! I could not leave it at the store! Not only was it all too stinkin' cute to pass up, the prices were awesome!! So, now I have to find a place for all of this...

The two packs in the front are 10 sheets to a pack of the same design for 99 cents! I love book page prints and this is too cute because it's the story of Hansel and Gretal, too cute!! Then there are two paper packs that were $5.99 each and the paper is just adorable. Then the best deal ever! the four Anthologie paper packs are cute little kits with paper, stickers and tags in really nice plastic containers. They were only $7.99 each!! See? How could I pass all this up?????
Now to find a new storage solution for paper packs!! Any suggestions?? Guess I better get to using some of all this goodness!!! I did pull a couple of sheets outs to use on a canvas piece I am working on. Will share that asap!! Until then....
Hugs and Happy Craftin'!!

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