Sunday, November 24, 2013

Re-worked Gold Wreath

One of my Mom's friends had a wreath that she did not like the decorations on and asked me to re-work it for her. I forgot to take a before picture, but it was kind of a hot mess, lol. It had poinsettia's on it that were flattened and gold berries that were falling apart and we won't even talk about the ribbon that was on it! I removed all of the bad pieces, but left the awesome gold sprayed pine cones on it. She gave me some extra pine cones and some gold, glittery ornaments to add to it and I had on hand an awesome sheet music printed ribbon with gold accents. So this is how it turned out!

Simple, but elegant, don't you think? I love that ribbon and I have enough left over to make another bow or two :) Here's a close up of the bow.

Here's a close up of the gold pine cones and ornaments.

I hope she likes the changes I made :)

I also made two identical (well as identical as possible) wreaths for a co-worker and will share those later today. So stay tuned!!
Hugs and Happy Craftin'!!

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