Sunday, August 4, 2013

Summer Lemonade Stand Banner

My daughter, Mariah The Photographer, asked me to make a banner for a lemonade stand that she will be using for photo shoots. I decided to use three coordinating fabrics and a cute textured ribbon for this banner.

I bought two different chipboard banner pieces that I thought would be perfect to use as a template, so that's what I used to make this banner. One is a pennant shape and the other is the rectangle with a triangle cut out the bottom (not sure what the name of that shape is, lol). I just laid the fabric out wrong side facing up and using a pencil, traced the shape on the fabric.

After I got all of my pieces drawn out, I cut them out using pinking shears.

Then I put two pieces together printed sides facing out, pinned them and then sewed them up. Now I am not the greatest seamstress, actually I am not a seamstress at all! I can't sew a straight line if my life depended on it, so don't laugh at my sewing. Well, go ahead and laugh, it won't hurt my feelings :)

After all my pieces were sewed, I rolled out a long piece of the ribbon (this ribbon was wired, so I removed the wire) and laid my banner pieces on the ribbon, then folded the ribbon, pinning as I went. Then I sewed the ribbon along the edge and also folded the ends over to form a loop and sewed it into place.

Since I don't really have a place to hang this up yet (like a lemonade stand, lol), I laid it on the porch steps to get pictures and also just hung it on my stamp bookcase. You can at least get the idea of what it will look like hanging :)

I like it, even if my sewing lines aren't straight. It's happy and summery and will look perfect on a lemonade stand.

I was on "stay-cation" this past week and got some stuff done around the house and in the art house. Almost all my laundry is caught up!!! I moved some furniture around. I cooked several really good meals. Went bowling with Dakota. Baby sat the grandbabies a couple of times. Made 14 memory wire bracelets. Made this banner. Sort of cleaned/organized some stuff in the art house. But above all, I just relaxed and enjoyed my time off of work. I feel more rejuvenated, although I really don't want to go back! But alas, we must eat around here, so tomorrow is back to work for me!

I will share the bracelets I made next time. Until then...
Hugs and Happy Craftin'!!

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