Friday, August 16, 2013

Photo Collage in a Distressed Frame

My boss' daughter asked me to paint this picture frame and add black and white photos, along with quotes printed out. The frame is very large, about 3x3 feet and was originally blue, then painted green and finally brown.

She wanted it painted burnt orange. The paint she purchased is Rustoleum Terracotta, which is the closest to burnt orange that she could find. The background for the pictures had been written on before so I covered it with burlap, which looks very nice with the orange and the black and white photos look great on it, too!

The distressing was a happy accident and I can not take the credit for it. Her 14 year old brother wanted to help me, so he set the frame on the sidewalk outside the office on some trash bags. He started spray painting, but sprayed a little too heavy and then a gust of wind came up, blew the trash bags and some leaves all over the frame. By the time he realized what had happened the paint had already started drying some and so when the bag was pulled off, it left a bunch of wrinkles. The only thing we could do was let it dry overnight and try to sand it smooth and start over. When I started sanding, this happened!! Well, after the leaves were sanded off, lol

Isn't this distressing awesome???!! I mean who would want to sand that smooth and start over??!! I printed the black and white pictures out, along with the quotes that I typed in Microsoft Word, each one in a different font. I wrapped the burlap around the backing board and adhered the pictures and quotes on it. The quotes she chose are so great :)

Everyone that has seen this, loves it!! Now I need to create something like this for myself!!

This is the only real creative thing I have done all week, but it's finally the weekend, so I will be in the art house all weekend!! School starts back on Monday, so part of the weekend will be spent getting ready for that.
Hope y'all have a great weekend!! Until next time...
Hugs and Happy Craftin'!!

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