Saturday, July 20, 2013

Some Art House Storage and Inspiration Wall

I thought I would share with you how I store some of my crafting supplies. The art house is still a complete and utter mess, but I'm not going to show you that!! I moved the biggest items around again and a few weeks and several bruises later, it is more organized and I have better "zones" than I did before. There is still a lot of organizing and purging to do, but it's getting there :)

This is how I store most of my ribbon. I purchased one rain gutter from Lowe's and had Dan cut it into three pieces. I added the end caps to each piece, drilled holes in the back of each and hung them on the peg board walls.

I also hung little buckets to hold little bits and bobs and a bunch of hooks to hang other items. There is also a multi-drawer organizer to hold beads and buttons and other small items.

This ribbon box organizer holds all of my Stampin' Up! ribbons and the jars hold scrap ribbon pieces.

I hung this Coke crate on the wall above one of my counter tops to hold washi tapes, small pens, Mica Flakes, assorted ink pads, bakers twine and my personalized stamp. I put a couple of little items on top for inspiration and above it I hung a piece of multi-media art that I made a few years ago. You can see a little of a framed inspiration board that I shared a while back. I plan on moving it to another wall, though.

This is my chicken wire wall! I saw this idea on Pinterest and knew I had to do this in the art building. I just stapled it directly to the wall! It looks like a big mess right now, but I plan on changing it up a bit, maybe grouping things in like colors.

This is part of my punch storage. I have had this clear shoe bag for years. It used to be longer, but I cut the bottom half off and sewed a piece of fabric to the back of it. It holds most of my bigger punches.

I use this curtain rod for my smaller punches. I have a little shelf that I need to hang for my new Stampin' Up! punches that are flat and don't sit well on this rod, I want to paint it first, though.

So, that's how I store/organize some of the stuff in the art building. How do you store items? I would love to see your ideas!! If you have done a blog post on your storage, leave me a comment with the link and I will check it out! I love seeing what other people come up with :)

That's it from me for now. Until next time..
Hugs and Happy Craftin'!!

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Sheryl Driver said...

I love your organization! You make it look so easy, I need to really work on mine.

Sheryl Driver