Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Old Hoosier Cabinet Restore

This cabinet was in my Grandmother's kitchen a long time ago. For the last 30+ years it has been in my parent's storage room holding paint and tools. They gave it to me a while back and I finally got it home :) It was very dusty/dirty, so first I wiped it down with paper towels to knock down the dust and cob webs. Then I used hot water with Murphy Oil Soap and several dish rags to clean the dirt off. The white paint is very chippy and actually gone in a lot of places. I am not sure if I should scrape off all the paint and repaint the whole thing or leave it the way it is. I love, love, love the chippy paint!!

The hutch has the flour bin in it, but the sifter has been long gone. There is also a roll top cabinet. The bottom of the cabinet has a large storage area and three drawers. Inside the cabinet door on the bottom, there is a wire rack that I am assuming was used to hold cookie sheets. The enamel top is partially painted green and looks a little funky. I think I want to also change the knobs as they are metal and kinda rusty, but then again, that kind of gives it character. I am so torn about how to fix up this cabinet. What would you do?  Leave it chippy and maybe just polyurethane it or scrape it all and repaint it? Add new knobs?
I think I'm going to just bring it in the house and put it in the dining room and just live with it as it is for a bit.

That's all from me tonight. Until next time..
Hugs and Happy Craftin'!!


Debbie Russo said...

Did you ever restore the Hoosier. I have the exact middle and am looking at the same problems. Debbie

lorrietori said...

No, Debbie, I have just cleaned it up and left it all chippy and rusty! I am scared to do anything with it and besides, I rather like the chippy charm :)