Monday, November 5, 2012

More and More Wreaths!!

I have been so busy the last week making wreaths for the craft fair that I am doing this coming Saturday. Here are the ones I have finished....

Let It Snow Wreath
Close-up of the Let It Snow Wreath

Close-up of the Let It Snow Wreath

Pink Girly Butterfly Wreath

Close-up of the Pink Girly Butterfly Wreath

Blue, Red and Silver Christmas Wreath

Close-up of Blue, Red and Silver Christmas Wreath

Fairy Wreath

Close-up of Fairy Wreath

Happy Crazy Wreath - this one is my favorite of all!!

And, the one that I have been wanting to make ever since I found the elf hat...

Ain't it cute??!!! I still have so much to finish for the craft fair. I am making Christmas cards, ornaments and coasters. I also have to figure out all of my displays. This will be the first craft fair that I have done in almost 2 years. Wish me luck!!!

That's it from me tonight. Hope y'all have a great week ahead!!
Until next time.... Hugs and Happy Craftin'!!


Jami Bishop said...

These wreath are AMAZING-I LUVVV the snowman & the red silver & blue ones!! : )

Anonymous said...

have you posted anywhere how to make these? I would really love to make one for my mom!

Anonymous said...
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