Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sweet Treats Christmas Tree

This little tree was so much fun to decorate!! The tree is 3 feet tall and skinny. I got it at Carolina Pottery for $12.99. Actually everything on the tree came from Carolina Pottery. That place is so awesome and they carry just about every color poly mesh that you can think of. I started by adding the lime green poly at the top and worked my way around making poufs in a spiral, then when I got to the bottom, I started back towards the top so that the spirals sort of interweave with each other. Next, I added the spiral colored balls and then the sweets ornaments. There are cake slices, little cakes, and two cute little birdhouses. I added the white and pink tubing that I looped together to fill in the gaps. The top is a bundle of the white and pink tubing to form a big "bow" and then I stuck in some green glitter balls on stems to add to the whimsy. Here are some close-ups of the ornaments.

Top of tree

Colorful spiral ball and little cake with candle ornaments

Little cupcake ornament . You can see how the tubing
is looped together here.

Cute little cake slice. These are made from styrofoam with
felt pieces and little glass bead accents on the top.

The one thing that I didn't add to the tree is lights. Yeah, I could kick myself for not even thinking about it until I was finished with it! I may try to figure out a way to add them without having to take the whole thing apart.
Last year, I made some little ribbon trees for my dining room table and decorated around it with some little cake slices like these and gum drop garland. I think this little tree will look really cute on a side table. I guess I am going with the sweet treats theme with my Christmas decorating. My biggest problem is that I love a lot of different styles that don't necessarily go together, so it's kind of hard to find a way to make it all look right together. Someone once told me that I have an eclectic style, which I guess would be true. What style do you like the best?
I hope you enjoyed seeing my little sweet treats tree! Until next time...
Hugs and Happy Craftin'!!

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