Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Basket Door Hanger

Yesterday I said that I would post the newest fall floral arrangement that I made over the weekend and here it is! I knew the second I saw this basket at AC Moore, that it would look so cute with the scare-a-crow sitting in it with flowers surrounding him and the little fat bird perched in the flowers.
I was right, wasn't I?! There is also a pumpkin, leaves, berries and an orange canvas ribbon bow. My Mom was the happy recipient of this basket. She wasn't home when I took it to her house to surprise her, so I left it on the little table next to her back door. I got a phone call a little later asking if I left it. I almost played dumb and said no, but I couldn't, I just can't lie to my Momma, lol.
Here is a close up of the cute bird and scare-a-crow.

Over the weekend, I ran across a lady on YouTube who is so very talented and I really want to try some of the projects that she posted videos on.  Her name is Martica and she is one talented lady. This is the video that I first saw and while she is not the greatest in her presentation, her projects turn out beautifully. Go check out her YouTube channel, you won't be sorry!!

That's all from me tonight. Until next time....
Hugs and Happy Craftin'!!

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