Sunday, September 9, 2012

Garden Fence Plate Pocket

Who would have thought that you could turn this

into this?


Pretty neat, huh?
I was blog hopping last week and came across this blog post on Shabby Story blog. I fell in love with that Garden Fence Plate Pocket the moment I saw it! I knew that I had to make one :) My only problem is where to find old garden fencing like that? I knew that I had seen something similar at Lowe's so off I went in search of some. I looked online and sure enough, Lowe's carries it, so I sent Mariah to buy some for me. It only cost $13.00!! What she bought came in 8 sections, so I took it apart. I wish I had taken pics of the process, but I'm a slacker, lol. I just bent it in half and attached the hooks to keep it together. I sort of bent this one in a couple of places I didn't mean to, but I like the character it gives. I scraped off some of the white coating to expose some of the wire underneath to make it look worn. For this one, I got a two for one, because not only can I display my plates/platters, I can hang cups on it, too!

Close-up so you can sort of see how it's put together.

This is how it looks on the wall hanging next to a shelf that holds my Merry Moo's.

I made a second plate pocket and will hang it under this one. The platters that I put in this one are at least 50 years old. They have a couple of chips on them, but that's why I love them :) The cups are Fiesta Ware. I found all three of them at different thrift stores. I love finding treasures at thrift stores!

Here is a sneak peak of something else I have been working on. Not quite finished with this project, but will share as soon as it's done :)

That's it from me for now. Until next time...
Hugs and Happy Craftin'!!
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