Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sneak Peak for Canvas Creation

This coming Saturday I am doing a class on how to make one of my canvas creations. I am trying to get all of my items ready before hand so that I can show the canvases in stages to make the class easier. I usually create a scrapbook page or canvas based on the picture that is going on the piece (the colors, theme, etc.) The picture that I chose is of my daughter, Mariah and it shows off her beautiful blue eyes. So I am basing my color scheme on blues, greens and cream/white tones. I found a designer paper that I liked with those colors and created these flowers.

I also made some butterflies, but I'm not sure I will use them on the canvas. Sometimes when I am creating a canvas, there is a lot of moving things around, adding and subtracting things, just to see what looks the best. Before I glue anything down, I put everything in place to see how it all looks together. Right now, I only have this idea of how everything will go together in my head, but I will sit down and draw a sketch before the class.

I die cut the butterfly out of a piece of card board that I peeled the top layer off of to reveal the corrugated part. Then I dry brushed white paint on it and when it was dried, I rubbed a blue ink pad across the piece. I wanted to add the key, but it looked too flat. It really needed something. Since I used tulle on the flowers, I thought that would tie the look of them together, so I added a gathered piece of tulle, glued it down and then the key. The blue button has a piece of twine tied in a bow and glued on top of the key.

I will share the completed canvas with you as soon as I can. I am getting nervous and excited to do this class. It's been a long time since I have done a class like this. Wish me luck!!

That's all for me tonight. Until next time...
Hugs and Happy Craftin'!!

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