Wednesday, October 5, 2011

William Sonoma $100.00 Wreath Knockoff

My boss' wife brought in a Williams-Sonoma catalog and asked for me to try and find the items and create this pumpkin wreath, well actually she wanted three wreaths, but she did not want to pay $100.00 each for them. Can't say I blame her!
(Williams-Sonoma Wreath - $100.00)

We searched the internet, but found nothing that was cost effective. My supervisor was in Walmart and happened upon these little boxes of pumkins. They were $4.99 each and contained 7 pumpkins in each box and we needed 9 boxes. The grape vine wreaths are 18 inches and were $5.99 each. The spaghnum moss was $1.99 a bag and we needed 4 bags. The double bows took 3 rolls of plaid ribbon and one roll of the green ribbon and we paid $11.00 at Walmart for all of it.

(Pumpkins from Walmart, Spaghnum Moss from Carolina Pottery)

So, for about $82.00 I made 3 wreaths! Not bad and they look pretty darn close if I do say so myself, lol. I did burn myself with the hot glue more times on this project than any other, though!

This is one of the three wreaths that I made. I really love how they all turned out.

My daughter, Amber, saw that I was making these and wanted a fall wreath for her front door. I bought a heart shaped grape vine wreath and some really pretty ribbon and will be working on that for her next.

That's all for me today! Until next time.......
Hugs and Happy Crafting!!