Sunday, September 26, 2010

What's been keeping me busy......

I have been really busy at work creating invitations, gift cards and other miscellanious items for the boss's wife. The top invitation was my first submission to her, but she wanted a little more "mexican" flair since it is for a fiesta. I created the entire background using My Digital Studio accessories, like ribbons, designer papers, scallops and some stamps (all from the program). One thing I have learned since I started my job is that when they do invitations and cards, they like poems on them. Quippy little poems. I am so not a poet. The girl that used to come up with all these things was very poetic but so anal about it all. The poem had to have the perfect rhythm and all that poetry techno stuff, and she would spend hours on the poem alone. Me, on the other hand, I just find a card or two with the sentiment already done and kinda put them together and voila! I did have help with the wording on this one though. The second card is what she used as the final product. I got the image from Google, don't have a clue who to give credit to. My superviser emailed it to me and said "here, use this". I like both versions, but I like the first one better, because I fully created it myself from scratch and built it up to the final product. The second one is not my artwork, so I feel like I cheated. Oh, well. I did "X" out the address and phone numbers, but you still get the idea. Oh, and Alex is a girl. Not to offend anyone, but when I first read her email for the specifics, I thought mmmmmm. Alex and Trip? Then realized that it's Alexandra, Alex for short.
I have a few more things to share that I've been working on in My Digital Studio. I really like the program, but there are some things I would add or change. I will share the other projects asap!
Until then, Hugs and Happy Creating!


Anonymous said...

Saw your cute invitations. Do you make them to sell cuz I need to buy about 50 for a rehearsal dinner.

lorrietori said...

I do sell my invites. I create them digitally and email them to you. I charge $20.00 to create it and you can print as many as you want. Just let me know what you would like: colors, theme and all details like date, time, place, for who, etc. and a date you need them by. Thanks!!