Saturday, July 10, 2010

I didn't realize that it's been this long since I posted. Things have been crazy busy around here and I haven't had a lot of time to craft much of anything. I did make a bunch of fabric flowers for a craft fair that my craftiest friend Melissa did last weekend. Unfortunately none of them sold. I am probably going to put them in my Etsy store. Mariah is working on taking pictures of them with her fancy schmancy professional camera, so I will post pics of them asap. A lot has happened in the last two months. Mariah was at The Art Institute in Charleston, but had to take a medical leave of absence. When she was in Charleston, I was going down there every weekend and bringing her home and then taking her back. We got to know I-26 very well. Being on the road so much did not give me a chance to do much crafting. When she moved back home, I had to pretty much pack up all my craft stuff and it's not easily accessible right now. But all of that is about to change!! Dan and my sweet brother Joel are building a big ol' craft "cottage" for me!!! I am beyond excited to have this space being built just for me! It is going to be 16x20 with a 4 foot front porch. I can not wait until it's complete so that I can start decorating it. I still can't decide what color walls I want. I love color, mostly bright and loud colors, so I am really struggling with that decision. I am almost tempted to paint each wall a different color. Then, I think maybe I should paint a neutral color on the walls and let all the accessories be the color. Oh, decisions!!! What colors do you prefer in your craft space?
Here are a few pics of the progress on the building so far. The rest of the roof is going on this week. It's been really hot here so far this summer and Dan and Joel are working so hard for me. I really appreciate them. I can't even imagine working on a roof in 100 degree weather! They are my heroes!!

Hopefully I won't wait another 2 months to post something! I'm sorry I've been such a slacker. Just haven't been in much of a crafty mood lately, but I really hope that all changes when the building is done :)

Hugs and Happy Everything'!~Lorrie