Sunday, April 25, 2010

No stamping, but it's still cute!

One of the girls at work bought some of these from a boutique here in Lexington for our boss' wife and you know me, I absolutely had to try and make one! It is a "bib" necklace or "statement" necklace and they are so hot right now. I hadn't heard of them before she brought them in the office, but a quick Google search and a look on Etsy brought up hundreds of them. I am thrilled at how mine turned out. I have so many ideas for more, too. I made each flower with cotton material which I ripped in 1 inch wide by 12 inch long strips. I then twisted and wrapped each one until I got the rose shape. I used hot glue to hold it together as I wrapped it. All of my material was white or had a white background and after the roses were made, I sprayed them each with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist "Tattered Rose" color. The base for the necklace is black Easy Felt from Hobby Lobby. It is more rigid than regular felt. I cut out the piece using this template. I forgot to cut out a little scoop at the top so it would lay against the neck better. I will definitely do that for the next one I make. Next I added some black lace trim and also some light pink scrunched seam binding that I bought on Etsy here. I glued the roses into place and them sewed some big white pearl like beads around the flowers. I then tucked some black tulle in between the roses and glued in place. When it was all put together, I cut another piece of softer felt the same size as the base and glued a piece of black ribbon between the two pieces of felt.
I also made a pin version using the same roses, but I haven't taken any pics of that yet. Mariah has confiscated the necklace. She loves it! It was almost like I made it just for her. I think she must have been on my mind the whole time I was making it.

I know I have been really quiet on here lately, but I have a legitimate excuse, ahem, reason. Mariah started at the Art Institute in Charleston and I have spent the last few weeks a.) Moving her down there and b.) Driving back and forth bringing her home for one reason or another. She's home this weekend for a doctor's appointment tomorrow and then it's back down I-26 we go! Also, I have been super busy at work doing one crafty project after another and really didn't have any craft energy left when I got home. They sucked all my craftiness right out of me! I am slowly getting back into the crafty mood, though. This weekend I have been working on a decorated hat for my boss' wife to wear to a Kentucky Derby themed birthday party. I will definitely post pics of it this week! It really is turning out cute!
Also, Dan is in the process of building my new craft building!!! It is going to be 12 X 20 including a small front porch. I can not wait until it is done, so I can decorate it and move all my stuff into one place. I will also have plenty of room to have some friends over to scrapbook/craft with me. Now that's what I am most excited about! I will be taking pics during construction, so look forward to a post from beginning to end. I just can't decide what colors to paint the walls. I guess I have some time to decide, though. It won't be completely built for a few weeks. In the mean time, I will just have to keep crafting and creating in Mariah's bedroom and on the dining room table.

Well, that's it for me today! Until next time......

Hugs and Happy Stampin'!