Friday, January 8, 2010


I realized how long it's been since I posted anything when people started unsubscribing right and left! Sorry, it was not intentional, time has just gotten away from me. The holidays were busy with family and we were really busy at work the whole month of December. We are finally a little slow at work and I got all my Christmas decorations put away and the house almost back in order. I have also stumbled upon a new love. Cottage style decorating blogs. Yep, I'm addicted. I have always loved to see how other people decorate their homes and especially love watching HGTV shows about decorating, so this should have come as no surprise to me that I would love reading blogs as well. I just never realized they existed. Until, I started looking at the blog roll of Melissa Phillips (whom I secretly stalk on a regular basis). I love Melissa's stamp/craft style. If you've seen her work, how can blame me? If you haven't seen it, you MUST go now!! Come back to see me though ;) I'll try to do better with updating. So anyway, I have really been into reading those type of blogs for the last few weeks and am totally in awe at some of the homes I have seen. I thought, "Wow, I totally love this style and really want to decorate that way!". And then started looking around my house and realized that I already do in most ways. I always thought of my style as eclectic, a mix of old and new. Turns out, I guess I have been decorating in the Cottage/Shabby/Country style almost my whole adult life! So, if you are interested in this kinda thing, here is a list of some of the blogs I have been reading: Dear Daisy Cottage, Fresh Vintage, The Old Painted Cottage, and Cherry Hill Cottage.
So in addition to trying to post more, I am also going to be adding a blog roll again and updating it often so I can share more wonderful stamper's and decorator's blogs with you.
Above are some pics of my displays from the craft fairs that I did at the end of 2009 that I promised to show you a month ago. Yeah, I know, I'm slack! I also hope to have some projects completed this weekend to share with you. So until then.....
Hugs and Happy Stampin'/Craftin'/Decoratin'!