Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I haven't been blogging lately because......
I am working on getting my daughter's room cleaned, painted, new flooring and decorated.........
to set up as my new stamp space!
Well, she's going to share her bedroom with me. She has moved into the dorms at Columbia College which is about 20 minutes away from home and took almost everything with her. She wanted to make it as homey as possible. Her room is pretty barren right now, only a bed and night side table, while I paint and install the laminate flooring. It will still be her room when she comes home on the weekends and over the holidays. She is such a sweet girl to allow me to take part of it over. For the past two years my craft area has been in the tiny little foyer in my house. I am excited to actually have a little more room to create in. I will post pics of before, during and after as soon as it's all done. I may need a little break for my knees to recover from laying that flooring, but I will post some new creations soon, too! Until then, wish me luck for a speedy room transformation!


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