Saturday, January 3, 2009

Just playing around...

with new looks for the blog. New Year's always feels like a good time for a little change. I have seen these cute elements on other blogs and thought I would "give it a whirl" as my bestest crafty friend Melissa says. I really loved my other blog header with the pink flamingo, but wanted to try something different. You'll see me change it up again soon. One of my New Year's resolutions is to not be so complacent. I want to try new crafts and techniques this year. I want to try out different decorations for the house, too. I have had the same old tired looking flower arrangement on my mantle for a few years now (except for the Christmas one) and it's high time for a change. I also want to try and declutter my house. There is something, kids toys, junk of some sort, on every surface in my house! I am tired of the clutter! I need some organization! I am off to chunk some junk now!

Until next time, Hugs and Happy Crafting! and have a Happy New Year!!

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Anonymous said...

I love your color combination for your blog on the sides! Maybe just have a flamingo somehow in your header. Hmmm.... you could use one of your Christmas ornaments that is on your wreath (glass blown one?) that would be cute! Then you're incorporating your flamingo. :)
Stampin' Smiles from Ear to Ear,
Ann :)