Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Paper Mosaics

This is a plain wooden picture frame that I got from Michael's for $1.00. I used the faux mosaics kit from Tera Leigh to turn it into this now beautiful frame. I am so pleased with how this turned out. This one is for my cousin Stephanie for Christmas. I really hope she likes it! But I mean really who wouldn't?! I made another frame also and will show it to you maybe tomorrow if the craziness of Christmas Eve allows. So the first step is to paint the frame with the faux mosaic "grout" which is the consistency of paint with fine play sand in it. After it dries, you glue pieces of paper that has been cut into different shapes with the faux mosaic glue. This is where you can really get creative and do a fancy design or keep it simple. While you are gluing the pieces onto the frame or whatever you are altering, brush a thin coat of the glue over the top of each piece of paper. After it dries completely, you apply the sealer to each piece of paper only. This usually takes atleast two coats. The more coats of the sealer, the more depth it has and more reallistic it looks. I took this frame to work and no one could believe that it was paper.
Thanks for checking in today! Until next time, Hugs and Happy Stampin'!

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chelemom said...

This turned out beautifully!!!