Saturday, November 10, 2007

You gotta have faith.....

another Dollar Store find. I painted this a light brown and then rubbed Lumiere over the paint. I then covered the front of each letter with a designer paper from my LSS. I also got one that says "believe" and will work on making it prettier in the next few days.
Today's craft fair was pretty good. I got some orders for some custom items and sold some things, too. I am doing another craft fair Monday and hopefully it will be good as well. I was so tired this afternoon when I got home. Who knew it was so tiring just sitting?! Monday will be really long and tiring because I will be there for almost 9 hours! I should have asked for Tuesday off to recuperate!
Thanks for stopping by today!! See ya'll again very soon!

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Lisa said...

This is super cool. You have got to love the dollar store.