Saturday, October 27, 2007

I survived!

but just barely! Mariah's Halloween party was last night. We had about 17 teenagers here until 11:00 pm and 7 of them spent the night. There was a little teenager drama, but all in all it was a good party. I'm still tired though. I was up almost all night, so I took a nap this afternoon. One of the things that made me so happy that I can trust my kid is the parent's comments when they dropped their kids off. A couple of the parents made comments like, "If they give you any lip, let me know and they'll be grounded", and one guy acted like his daughter was going to cause me trouble and gave me the third degree about me being the only chaperone. I didn't like that very well. I mean, I might look like a complete idiot, but I've been a mom for 19 years and have already gotten one kid through those mean, rotten, talk back, teenager years! Mariah is worse than Amber ever thought about being with the smart mouth and I'm still standing! Geeesh. The other Mom was complaining that her daughter has such a smart mouth to her, and I told her that teenagers are like that because they know that Mom and Dad are going to love them no matter how they act, and that they are usually not mouthy with other adults. That's my observation anyway. I don't think that my girls have ever had a friend of their's smart off to me. Mariah will smart off to me, but I know she won't to another mom. (one, because she knows that she's gonna get it if she does, and two, I think that I've raised her to be pretty respectful of other adults). I also heard some of the kids talking about how their parents don't trust them because of something that their older siblings did at their age, so their parents automatically think that the younger kid is going to be the same way. My girls are like night and day and would never think that oh just because Amber did this at that age, Mariah will, too. That's absurd! I think the problem with some teenagers today is that their parents are too busy to spend any time with them and the kids are left alone too much. Kids are given too much stuff to make up for the lack of time spent with them. Some parents are too selfish with their time. I love spending time just me and Mariah. Sometimes we go to Michael's or AC Moore and shop for craft things to work on together. I think kids need our time and attention more than they need the newest gadgets. I think that the kids that are causing their parents all these problems are really begging for attention, any kind of attention that they can get from their parents. Oh goodness! Sorry I turned into a child psycologist for a minute there!! My point is, boy do I feel blessed to have such great kids!!! Just when I think that no kid could be as smart mouthy or sassy as Mariah, I get a reminder that I've got it pretty good! She's not such a bad kid, she's just a normal teenager and this too shall pass. Thanks for listening to me babble today! I promise I will have something good to show you tomorrow! Until then, Hugs and Happy Stamping!!

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