Sunday, September 2, 2007


from Mars Hill! I came up to visit Amber. She is very homesick, so I had to come. I could not stand the sound in her voice. It broke my heart. So here I am. Sitting in her dorm at 8: 45 am trying to type on her laptop. Folks, it ain't easy! I thought about getting a laptop myself, but I'm not liking it. Very hard to get used to. This past week has been a bad one for me. Monday, one of my really sweet friends commited suicide and his funeral was Thursday. Tuesday, had to take Mariah back to the doctor. She's been having skeletal muscle spasms which scare her so she has small panic attacks and has shortness of breath, so now she has an underlying asthma. She is now using an inhaler, which is so not fun. Thursday, Amber called me all distraught and wanted to drive home by herself at 10:00 pm! Thank goodness we stopped her. She's only been driving by herself for a little over a month, so you can imagine my panic over that one. Hence why I'm here! Typing on her lousy laptop! Friday, Dakota was at the doctor's office. He has been going to the bathroom very often and the doctor said that little boys sometimes tend to not completely finish when they go, so they go more often. Well, his teacher doesn't like that explanation, so back to the doctor to see if it's more than that. I think that he just gets in a hurry and doesn't finish, so he goes more often. He's been checked for diabetes and he's not diabetic. So, I hope they can figure out what the problem is and that it's not real serious. I love being second guessed as a parent, don't you? I mean, every time there is a problem at school, and I try to give an explanation, either the teacher or the school nurse thinks I'm an idiot. This drives me completley insane! I have only been the kid's mom for close to 8 years and I think that I know a little about him. His likes, his dislikes, what makes happy, angry, sad, confused, ect. So why is it they act like they know better than me? Just ranting really. Made me feel better! Thanks for listening to my problems. I know everyone has them, but it makes me feel better to talk about them and so thanks for being here and a friendly ear!
I will be home tonight and I can post the last little project that I worked on. Ya'll have a great Sunday!

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Pattyjo said...

Wow sounds like you have had one frustrating time lately! One nice thing about going through these times, is there is only one way to go from here...thats up. LOL
I know its hard when you are so many things to so many other people. Moms, friend, wife, sister, daughter the list keeps going on and on. Then they take so much of your thoughts and time. Hang in there, it will get better and you can rant on your blog all you want. Thats one of the advantages to having a blog. Your cards are so pretty and I hope you can get some stamping time in for yourself.
Big rubber hugs!