Sunday, August 12, 2007

Try this!

Dawn did this over on her blog:

Your Name: Lorrie
Famous Artist/Band/Musician: Lorrie Morgan (country singer - and she spells her name like me!)
4 letter word: lose
Vehicle: Lexus (no, I don't own one!)
TV SHOW: Laugh-in (old I know, but it's still fun to watch!)
City/Town: Lexington
Boy Name: Lonnie
Girl Name: Lisa
Occupation: Lawyer
Something you wear: lei
Celebrity: Larry the Cable Guy
Food: lettuce
Something found in a kitchen: lunch
Reason for Being Late: lost
Cartoon Character: Linus
Something You Shout: Look out!

Now it's your turn! Leave a comment when you do this on your blog or post yours in the comment. Have fun! Some of them aren't easy, really makes you think!

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