Saturday, August 11, 2007

Flower Power!!

This is another flower square for the project I'm working on. I think that I'm going to call it (the project) a "Paper Quilt" because it kind of reminds me of watching my Grandmother putting a quilt together with a group of ladies from church. I was only about 7 years old and I remember her whole living room set up with this huge quilt on a frame that was held up by all of her dining room chairs. Each square was different in it's own unique little way and they each had their own story. I remember crawling underneath it and sitting under it like it was my own private little fort. This "Paper Quilt" reminds me of each of those little squares put together to make that quilt. I started out with a piece of harlequin scrapbook paper, added a layer of vellum with the words learn, risk, dream, explore in different shades of gold and held the two pieces together with an antique brad in each corner. For the flower, I used a piece of glossy cs and colored with copper, caramel and pearl Adirondack inks. I stamped the Big Blossom on the backside of the glossy cs and cut out. I ran the gold Zig Painty pen around the edge of each petal. The center is an old earring that has been sitting in my jewelry box for about 15 years, waiting for it's other half that was never found. The earring is actually where I got the idea for this flower square. It's not a bright colored square as I had originally envisioned for the overall project, but I loved the vellum layer with the words so much that I just went with the muted and tone on tone look of it. I'm not sure how it will all come together as a whole, but I am optomistic that it will all work out. Just like the words on the vellum... learn, risk, dream and explore!

Now I am off to a surprise birthday party for my daughter's boyfriend! He's 21! Oh to be 21 again!!!
Thanks for stopping in today! See ya'll later!


A. Sanborn said...

I just think this is fabulous and enjoyed your story!

Anne :)

Pattyjo said...

That is so cute...your own hiding place! I can almost picture a small child under there. She must have been a hand quilter. I did a quilt like that once, but I missed my family room so I was glad when it was done. LOL

SpAzzGiRL said...

Very cool, the story and the card!