Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I dissapeared!

For some reason, I dissapeared from the Stampin Top 50 thingy! Not sure why, but I was at something like 246, but I had to sign up again and now I'm at 316! I don't know what happened and now I'm beginning to second guess why I should even be on there?! Does it really matter what # I am? I know I'll never be up at the top like Taylored Expressions or Cambria, but it feels good to see that number creep up every once in a while. But, then I got to thinking, what does it really mean? I started this blog as a "public diary" of the stuff I stamp and everyday normal (or with me sometimes not so normal) everyday things and it is nice to see the sweet words that other great artists like yourselves leave on here. It is an extention of my SCS gallery. It's also a record of the things that I create so I can look back to see them all. So exactly why do I worry about what my number is? I'm not sure. I read someone else's blog (can't remember who right now) a while ago and she said that she was getting rid of the Top 50 thingy because it distracted her from what was really important, her readers. They were what really mattered. I find myself looking at that darn thing before I do anything else on here, which I see now is a little self absorbing maybe. Yes, I think that I will do away with the Top 50 thingy. What do ya'll think? Is it an important part of your blog? Do you find new blogs through it that you may not have otherwise found? Should I or shouldn't I? That is the question!

BTW. Took pics of the project I'm working on last night. They all came out blurry, gotto re-do tonight, so I will share those with ya'll later. Until then, have a great Tuesday!!!


Michelle said...

I've read on other blogs where that's happened to people. Very frustrating! Hang in there...you'll be back up in no time!

SpAzzGiRL said...

I've disappeared twice now and this second time I just haven't fixed it yet, I was way down in the hundreds the first time and then back up to 250!
Very frustrating and I'm really not convinced it matters really.

Anonymous said...

I have it to but I don't pay much attention to it. I check it maybe once a week to see where I'm at. My son on the other hand freaks out if my number goes up instead of down. He's to cute!