Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I rock!!! That's right! I have been given the prestigious award by Kimberly (http://craftyme-kimberly.blogspot.com/)! Thanks girl, you rock, too! I left her a message thanking her and also told her that I was so envious of everyone else for always being tagged and now here I am amongst THE coolest women evah!!!!! I would like to thank my parents and my children and my agent.. Oh, I guess I was getting a little carried away. Anyway, I feel so giddy! Almost as giddy as when Beate herself commented on one of my cards! I was dancing around for days. Seriously, I thought Dan was going to have me committed! I swear men just don't get it! Ok, now I'm supposed to rock someone else's world. Where to start, there's so many great blogs that I read everyday. Let's see... how about...

Lisa - http://a-prima-chatterinas-stampfessions.blogspot.com

Kathy - http://KathysKreations-Kathy.blogspot.com

Beth - http://freckledfun.blogspot.com

A. Sanborn - http://paperinkpressions.blogspot.com

Lisa - http://shabbychickjunk.blogspot.com

You girls rock!!! Thanks so much for all the inspiration that you provide me on a daily basis!

Ya'll have a great day!



Anonymous said...

Yup! You DO Rock!
I just wanted you to know that I also tagged you, and if you want to play along you can get the details on my blog.

A. Sanborn said...

Thank-you for the nomination of being a "Rockin' Girl Blogger!" I appreciate all my visiting friends, so be sure to visit and post often! *wink* Now that I've made the connection with your "plane" photo I'll be sure to do the same as well! By the way... the "showering orange" just cracks me up... I sense a story there! LOL

Have a day as special as you are...

Anne :)