Sunday, June 24, 2007


A couple of posts back (the Dad's Day brag book), someone made a comment and when I opened it I was astonished to see it in another lanquage! Well, I didn't know what to do, but my daughter Mariah told me you can translate on Google. Boy I learn something new everyday! So I did that. My first thought was that it was in Spanish, but I found out it is actually Portugese (spelling?). So I tranlated it and I think it's just a link to their website or blog, selling custom t-shirts. The whole site is in Portugese, so the language barrier is REALLY BIG! I left a comment with the translation in that post so anyone else who sees it will kind of understand what it says!
Boy, it makes me feel like I should learn a second language, but that would take away stamp time!!! lol. Until then, I'll just use that tranlator thingy on Google!
Thanks for visiting today, hope to see ya'll again soon!

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Thanks for letting me know