Saturday, June 9, 2007

Oh the insanity!

I went to Michael's tonight because I had to check out the Martha Stewart line most everyone has gone gaga over and I have to say ( please don't hate me), but I wasn't all that impressed. Maybe my Michael's just doesn't have as big a selection as others or maybe the best stuff is gone now, but I find that her line is just like any other of her lines, nice but overpriced. A roll of wrapping paper was $6.00 and I think that it was only like a yard or so? and 12 pieces of tissue paper was $4.00?! WOW! My mom swears by Martha Stewart bed sheets at K-Mart and I do like some of her home decor stuff there, but I don't feel the need to pay $12.00 or more for 10 sheets of designer paper that I didn't just absolutely fall in love with at first site! I think that Stampin' Up! has spoiled me anyway, because I am very picky at stores now when I think I might buy something. If I see an item that SU! has a similar item, I stand in the store and argue with myself and then put the darn thing back on the shelf because the little SU! angel sitting on my shoulder convinced me that "our" stuff's better. lol. I used to be the sticker queen of Lexington because when I started scrapbooking, that's what was out there and that's what we all used (that's what my Creative Memories girl sold the most of anyway), and now that I have been stamping for almost 2 years and have seen so many great elements and embellishments that people are using now, my first scrapbooks look very, um, shall we say from the '80's?! Ok, enough rambling. I guess my point is, Martha still has it, but I can't really afford it. I did buy a little pack of what the label calls "bakers twine". It has 6 colors and there is 72 yards in all and it was $3.00. Not sure exactly what capacity you use colored twine in baking, but I thought that it would look cute as an embellishment on a card or scrapbook page. One thing I did see in her line that were kinda cool are these enormous, I mean like 20x20 inch, scrapbooks. They are huge, but I thought "Where in the world would you store that thing?!" so that was that. Off to the punch section! I got a Marvy Uchida Mega Scallop punch and it was 25% off! whooohoo! Now that's more like it!!! I love a good deal!


Jan Scholl said...

a lot of us are boycotting the Martha Sewart line. I have even been on blogs where the giveaways were MS and I decided not to enter. I think she is sucky.

Micheals is getting a bunch of new rub ons back in the glass art department-for a buck! glittery too!

SpAzzGiRL said...

I wasn't blown away by the MS stuff either and it was too expensive for my pocketbook.
I actually like Martha but her paper craft stuff is stupid.