Thursday, May 10, 2007

I have a winner!!!!

Dakota picked #24! So congratulations goes to Anouk Martin! This is her post!

Anouk Martin said...
I would have to say that my favorite SU color green would have to be Certainly Celery. I use it all the time!! - Anouk, please shoot me an email with your address so I can send you that candy!!!

Seems like the majority of you absolutely LOVE Certainly Celery! I like that one, too, even though Green Galore is my favorite. One thing you all did agree on (which makes me happy!) is that you really liked the blog candy! Thanks a million for everyone's comments and for checking in on me everyday! It makes a girl feel loved!

My cousin, Stephanie is graduating from USC Saturday. I can't believe that child is 22 and graduating from college!! Seems like yesterday she was running around with one bottle of applejuice and one with milk, both hanging out of her mouth at the same time!!! lol! She was cute back then and now she is a beautiful young woman! Makes me feel so old! Anyways, ya'll have a great weekend and I'll try to share something with you Saturday night!

Thanks, Lorrie

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