Saturday, May 19, 2007

I am such a DORK!!!

I really am! I did not realize until late last night that in my SCS gallery, I posted the "purple butterflies" name frame twice! Like only 5 posts apart! I was going to delete the second one posted, but someone already commented on it! So, I tried to add a blurp about what a dork I am, but it didn't work! Soooo, that is why I am confessing it here. Not that I really have to confess it, because if you ever met me in person, you would probably figure out really quickly what a dork I really am! My daughter, Mariah, calls me a dork all the time! Sometimes the truth hurts, but in my case it's just how I am and always will be! It's part of what makes me, me! Well, I am off to create something! Maybe, work on a sketch challenge!!! Thanks for stopping! Lorrie

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kathy said...

I must be a dork too because I do the same kind of things but luckily I got to delete it. they say the mind is the first to